Friday, January 12, 2007

wow. so manii things hav happened in one week.
studies were kinda cool. ive been sloggin lik a piggy, but SURPRISE SURPRISE! i actuali lik it(NERD ALERT NERD ALERT!!!!!!!!)
a few days ago, i went bac to dlss. man, i saw all mi old best frens.
jonas(mi xiao didi!heh heh)
cheng yee
jie ru
man, mi heart felt a pang. i missed these guys terriblii. haha! im serious. it felt lik the old good times, playing basketball, joking about our new schools,n just enjoyin life.i forgot about the stress n wateva, n i just wanted at that moment to rewind time n stay with these cool bi gu mamas! :)but howeva that is lik highlii impossible. :( hehs. it was a great day n i was damn sad to go home ya noe:((but i still had to go la-sniff)
hehs,n sian, i didnt get to see mi bestest gal pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sherry, geraldine, esther, sonn,jolynn,edeline, eunice n livia. n i didnt get to see jerome n wei cheng n shaky(the slut-heehee) there! WTF!
well aniwae, if u guys see this, im missin u all ALOT! :)

hehs, ok bac to yishun town sec.ENJOYIN LIFE THERE BABES N HUNKS!
heehee. lots of work, but im seriouslii happI. :) cause i got the ccas i wanted(track n bball) n i made so manii frens!!!!!!!!
wei li, jacelyn, cangy, jia yu, nabila, char siew, ray n ten thousand more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heehee

ok......................somethin kinda
he asked 4 mi name.
but i dunno.
mayb i wont answer.
ya mayb


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