Monday, August 10, 2009

sorry folks,
my new url's
they're all my bullcrap sec one posts

Sunday, January 28, 2007

if there is one thing i aboulutelii hate since i was born is regrettin stuff.
but this time i cant help it.
i looked at their photos in their blogs, n i see thei faces so full of joy.
for mi, yishun town is totalli ok.
but in a mixed schools, there tend to b distractions.
ditractions tat lead to further regret.
a girls school.
if u had asked mi last year,"u wanna go girl's school right?"
i would hav laughed in ur face (with mi saliva spiitin out).
but now, i regret.
i feel the desperate need to go to a girl's school(not bcause i les la)
because i wanna escape that distraction.
the distraction that causes mi to feel guilty n lik so f***** regretful.
i wan to rewind time.
i love mi frens in yishun town, but i wan to just escape this tiny little shit distraction.
imm selfish i noe.
to just wan to take all mi awesome frens with mi.
both old n new frens to a place where i wwan to go.
but im desperate.
let mi go.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

OK! im in love with the new drama(channel, seven o clock) LET IT SHINE!lol, (cause hav renfred. ) here r some pics!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE RAIN !!!!!!!!!
how i wish i can say "GET OUTTA MY LIFE"
but i just cant .
im weak.
i noe it.
sometimes im so deperate,
im sori.
but ill hav to use physical.
i noe u might hate mi for life.
we wont even b frens animore.
but......................i cant take it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i beg u man
i tried to make peace with ur.
but wat do ur keep doin to mi?
make mi angrier n angrier.
i dun wan to go bac to mi old self.I REALLI DUN!ill kill myself if i eva tried to b lik mi old self again.
u can see how desperate i am now.
first we fight. because of tat dumb boy.
bcause of somethin so STUPID.heard mi????
u chased mi out to watch some stupid movie .
to watch someone's daughter DANCIN.
tat is so lame
n than forced mi to still do mi work.
u chased mi out from mi room, mi haven, mi comm.
u think i still inspired to work ar huh?
everything also wanna control.
i thot someone said,"oh, ill giv u freedom for ur work."
some lame freedom this is.
this is crap.
n somemore say i attitude.
to phrase it.u chased mi out of mi room while i was studyin to watch ur "MOVIE" with ur fren.n than forced mi to still styudii when im lik hoppin mad. n threatened threatened threatened.WATEVA!
so let mi tell ur this. the day ur change, the day ill b amazed.
n u noe wat?
i think that will take a million years. n im sooooooooooooo sorri, i cant wait that long

Sunday, January 21, 2007

gee, i onli lik him as a fren.
why do u guys hav to get so worked up???
so wat if he called?
so wat if he is interested?
the point is im not interested!
why cant u guys trust mi????
when i talk to guys its lik u wanna punch mi or somethin.
dun u guys hav guy frens too huh?
is there somethin rong with boys?i aint crazzi bout them now.i used to b a flirt.but ive changed.hello man.u guys r closest to mi.why caNT u all trust mi?
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i feel lik a lowdown criminal.
cause tats the way u guys treat mi!
n u r REALATED to mi.
i see ur faces everyday!
what do u guys wan mi bcum?
a les?
well im terriblii sorri.
cause i will NEVA bcum one.
wat is all this fuss about boys?
didnt u guys get married?
his older,so???
i care isit???
i dun lik him!
ok, im sittin in , i mean on mi cousin's chair n typin.
life has been awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, cca takes up most of mi time. cause i hav lik two ccas. the trainins r a killer, but hey i love evrything.dun realli lik the bball player(the seniors) cause they how lian. they think sec ones r small farts mah!!!!!!!! i lik so prefer track ppl. the seniors totalli take care of the sec ones, n we're lik one big happi fammili! heehee, mi coach rocks too! stamina has been improvin!

ok, studies r ok.
subjects i love:
subjects i hate:
the rest!

whee, ok i hafta go bb

Saturday, January 13, 2007

ok, im lik right now sloggin for maths n history.
sniff tmw hav lame maths test. haha but im still copin :)))
whee, bought new basketball shoes, addidas. nice man. n runnin shorts(n when i mean shorts i mean VERII SHORT!!!!!!@#$%^&*^%$#$#%)
ok, this is to everyone who wants to visit mi or mi school.(wha lau, i sound so how lian)call mi up n arrange with mi.
must schedule verii good one ar!
i hav alot of stuff on so ya, CALL MI PPL!!!!!!!!
we'll arrange the timin
sniff, im despo to see u guys n gals out there. haha!
miss u all la.

Friday, January 12, 2007

wow. so manii things hav happened in one week.
studies were kinda cool. ive been sloggin lik a piggy, but SURPRISE SURPRISE! i actuali lik it(NERD ALERT NERD ALERT!!!!!!!!)
a few days ago, i went bac to dlss. man, i saw all mi old best frens.
jonas(mi xiao didi!heh heh)
cheng yee
jie ru
man, mi heart felt a pang. i missed these guys terriblii. haha! im serious. it felt lik the old good times, playing basketball, joking about our new schools,n just enjoyin life.i forgot about the stress n wateva, n i just wanted at that moment to rewind time n stay with these cool bi gu mamas! :)but howeva that is lik highlii impossible. :( hehs. it was a great day n i was damn sad to go home ya noe:((but i still had to go la-sniff)
hehs,n sian, i didnt get to see mi bestest gal pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sherry, geraldine, esther, sonn,jolynn,edeline, eunice n livia. n i didnt get to see jerome n wei cheng n shaky(the slut-heehee) there! WTF!
well aniwae, if u guys see this, im missin u all ALOT! :)

hehs, ok bac to yishun town sec.ENJOYIN LIFE THERE BABES N HUNKS!
heehee. lots of work, but im seriouslii happI. :) cause i got the ccas i wanted(track n bball) n i made so manii frens!!!!!!!!
wei li, jacelyn, cangy, jia yu, nabila, char siew, ray n ten thousand more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heehee

ok......................somethin kinda
he asked 4 mi name.
but i dunno.
mayb i wont answer.
ya mayb