Sunday, January 21, 2007

gee, i onli lik him as a fren.
why do u guys hav to get so worked up???
so wat if he called?
so wat if he is interested?
the point is im not interested!
why cant u guys trust mi????
when i talk to guys its lik u wanna punch mi or somethin.
dun u guys hav guy frens too huh?
is there somethin rong with boys?i aint crazzi bout them now.i used to b a flirt.but ive changed.hello man.u guys r closest to mi.why caNT u all trust mi?
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i dun lik him!
i feel lik a lowdown criminal.
cause tats the way u guys treat mi!
n u r REALATED to mi.
i see ur faces everyday!
what do u guys wan mi bcum?
a les?
well im terriblii sorri.
cause i will NEVA bcum one.
wat is all this fuss about boys?
didnt u guys get married?
his older,so???
i care isit???
i dun lik him!


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