Sunday, January 28, 2007

if there is one thing i aboulutelii hate since i was born is regrettin stuff.
but this time i cant help it.
i looked at their photos in their blogs, n i see thei faces so full of joy.
for mi, yishun town is totalli ok.
but in a mixed schools, there tend to b distractions.
ditractions tat lead to further regret.
a girls school.
if u had asked mi last year,"u wanna go girl's school right?"
i would hav laughed in ur face (with mi saliva spiitin out).
but now, i regret.
i feel the desperate need to go to a girl's school(not bcause i les la)
because i wanna escape that distraction.
the distraction that causes mi to feel guilty n lik so f***** regretful.
i wan to rewind time.
i love mi frens in yishun town, but i wan to just escape this tiny little shit distraction.
imm selfish i noe.
to just wan to take all mi awesome frens with mi.
both old n new frens to a place where i wwan to go.
but im desperate.
let mi go.


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