Tuesday, March 21, 2006

OHNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!i hav a new big trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhh! im putting on so much weight! why? bcause of the livia n gang inccident(hey, i aint blamin anyone here, bsides we ve allreadii made up), i poured all my depression on eatin.tats rite, eatin lik a big fat pig!n i put on 2kg! n another problem is, i cant stop!!!!! i mite hav a high metobolism rate, but i still put on 2kg!!!its fatal to mi, how to run fast later?omigosh!i so hav to loose weight! eearghhhhhhhhhh!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

haiiiiiiyoooooooo.does everibodii realise sumthin? EVERIBODII is fightin.dellysda n pamela r fightin.eunice n shawn+ern chuen r fightin.mi+jolynn r fightin with liv, son, n esther(n i dunno why??) edeline n jolynn r fightin.sher is fightin with geraldine tee n siu yi(4giv mi if i said rongli), esther koh n lois r fightin, n stephanie n joanna r fightin......................wat is rong with everibodii??????????????????????????????????????where is the peace?why is everibodii fightin?why why why?why cant everibodii stop?is it rong to stop fightin?im so sick of fightin with liv n gang.if everibodi keeps fightin, wat will happen to this world??????why cant everiboddi b pals n just stop.(um with one exception, i will so neva fren kel yap) tat is mi wish fer now.to stop all the wars n fights. to liv n gang, im sick of fightin with u all n i wont anymore, bcause if i continue, we arent goin to win the bball competition n everibodii is gonna get hurt. ive said my piece n it's up to everibodii to stop fightin.....sheesh...........
......another beautiful inccident........ there was once the girl was reali angri with shena, so she told li sum bad things, n li added sum.the girl told li not to say anythin to shena, n again li agreed.the girl thanked li.alas, shena smsed the girl: why did u say bad things about mi? the girl was confused, how did shena noe? then it strucked her, li!her heart felt like it was bleedin, it felt pierced n broken.how could li betray her AGAIN!she could feel the tears slowly droppin........why?now listen again, comin bac to silva, li, elsie n the girl.they remained as good frens until suddenli one day.suddenli li n silva n elsie started driftin away....slowly n slowly they bcame cold, n the girl b came wild.she bcame crazy n dead in her mind, everyday was a livin hell to her, neva did she see the light again.she bcame irritable outside, sullen, and hot tempered.but inside she was dyin, pain, tears.she trusted them so much, why? why? why did it all bcum lik tat?but in this painess, she suddenli new who was her true frens. the ones tat didnt hurt n betray her.the ones tat supported her all the way through.the ones tat treated her lik a real fren.the girl started to see everythin clearly.wat good was stickin with li, elsie n silva, the people who hurt n hate her?sure, she still felt angry, but she knew, bein angry n continue bein a dog to them was so pathetic!she wasnt goin to make enemies with them, but she wasnt goin to follow them lik a doggy dog animore.it was time for her to make other frens, the ones tat were true.she wuld onli treat the three girls as a normal fren, not as a best fren animore, but she will not make enemies. :) the girl is goin to change, bcause inside her is changin too.she is now not livin in hell, but goin to live in heaven.she will change for all the best.n who is this girl in my story????ME.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I have a story. hereby, everybody listen mi woes. there was a girl.she thot she was cool, therefore she acted cool.everybody started to hate her, so she decided to change.but the veri veri sad thing was the more she tried, the more proud she bacame, n everibodi still hated her.they didnt noe in her heart she was bleedin so badly.she realli wanted to change, but she had so mani problems until she couldnt.tears welled in her eyes everi single day.there was never an endin to her tears.now listen.she had a veri veri veri veri good group of frens.they were awesome.she loved them as frens a lot.but then, her world slowly came crumblin down so fast bcause of sum of them.she had this realli cool pal.she was called elsie.she treated elsie as her best buddy.another one was called li. this was li was her veri veri good pal since birth.she treated li and elsie as her two best pals.but then, a veri veri innocent and veri petite girl called silva came, and li n elsie were immediately attracted to her.the girl still remained frens with elsie n li, she even made frens with silva.in her mind, she thot:im sooo lucky to hav these three frens! but she neva new.one day, a close guy fren called shaki asked the girl to help him make up as frens with a girl he quarrelled with, shena.he treated shena as a veri good pal, n he told the girl that he liked shena n li as his two veri good frens, n he told the girl not to say anythin to shena n li bcause he didn wan to hurt his pride, but yet he wanted the girl to help him patch up his frenship with shena.the girl agreed.but she tho n she thot, but she didn noe how to.so she had no choice but to tell shena.n shena was touched by shaki's words, so she bcame his good pal again.now listen again.li was there when the girl told shena everythin.li promised the girl she would not blab anythin n the girl trusted her a lot.but alas, li's veri veri veri veri big mouth happily blabbed it to shaki.shaki was so furious with the girl.when the girl came to noe it, her heart broke, n she wept painfulli.her ver veri veri veri good fren, li, BETRAYED her.li apologised n apologised, so the girl foolishly forgave li.another beautiful inccident.........
*****to b continued***************

Monday, March 06, 2006

hey hey hey! ai yo! tmrw is the heats! I Am SOOOOOOOOOOO SCARED! I mean there are so mani fast runners in 100 m! lik esther lee and esther koh! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!they can run like.......... so fast!hey tmrw is sher's birthday. i have a message for sher from shakthi. shakithi says: happy birthday. haha. ani bodi else who wants to wish sher a happy birthday the bloggin way n r too lazy to type can cum to me. ill type out ur message in mi blog. hee hee.nothing to do sia. haiz. gotta go.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbye!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

haha!here im ritin once again at night.im changin mi specs to red n black thick frame...........haha! i sound so weird, but i hav nothing to rite. i hav changed mi song frm kelly clarkson's 'since u've be gone' to tatu's 'fren or foe'.ill be changin often, cause i lurve a lot of songs.songs keep my mind off all my troubles, mi frens, mi family, school....lots n lots.of course i dun listen to songs tat r so freakin demonic, but i lik em.songs i mean.hai ya, i talkin crap.hey,who runnin how mani metres?i noe eunice is 2oo m n i 1oom n gina 4oom(sucks lor, i wan 4oom!!!!!!!!!!!)then lois is baton.the guys i dunno.but i wanna noe!!!!!!!!!heats next tuesday(sher's bday, hee hee).hope i can get a medal n beat sum one who everibodii is scared of, except some who r confident.lik esther lee n sum of mi bball pals.but sad thing is she aint in 1oom, n she cant race me, cause she in same class.sad lor.............haizzzzzzzzz....but nvrm.got other ppl a lot stronger.there r fierce competitions. lik 4oom, u noe sonya goh n jolynn khoo?they r mi bball pals, n i hav to admit im not sure ho wil win, cause both veri veri fast.the guys, there r the malay guys, who r veri fast.im not sure if the chinese guys will win(im not bein racist), but the malay guys r.....................so fast.....haha.for mi, i hav no interest, ok, a bit, but i dun lik track n field.so borin.haha.hope everibodi runin will do their veri freakin best!extra luck to my bball pals, esther lee, esther koh, lois ong, jolynn khoo n sonya goh. u go gals! run lik the wind! haha! sso lame, but wish u extra luck! :) bye!

Friday, March 03, 2006

HEY! im so bored!im doin the lame environment thingy, so im half dead right now.i hate work.everibodii, i hav a reminder, sherry's birthday is approachin! 7th February is her bday date, so tat means is next week! haha!nothing to rite much now. sheesh. gotta go, bye.
Hey hey hey people.nothing much to do, EVEN AFTER EXAM!here are some stuff i wanna share. first, today the bball gals got their trophy. it was awesome!the trophy was oily,but totalllli shinnnny!i lurved the trophy n it's oil.i dunno, the oil aint gross,it just makes the trophy so shiny that im really proud of it.mi apologies if i sound sooo howlian bo lalian.this was my first eva trophy,i liked it alot.no! i luved it!haha!second, if u r in the dumps now, i hav a website just 4 u.it will make u laugh ur butt off.okay, first go to this website, http://youtube.com then u wil see at the top there is a blank box next to 'videos'. den rite in there 'madtv' u will den come to a page full of funni videos!they change sum shows lik the 'memoirs of geisha'.in the show, they change it to a man as the geisha! hahaha! i recommend u 2 watch a video... scroll down until u find a video called 'madtv- Christina Aguilera beautiful parody' press the words n watch the video!i tel u, u will laugh until u wil hav cramps! hahahahaha! tat's all. wanna noe more, my tel no. is 67661320 ciao!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

HEY PPL! today was soooooo freakin fun.i went to lot one with sher, geraldine, lois n esther koh.we took lots of neo prints, but im too lazii to scan them.if u hav sher's msn, ull b able to see em.wow sias.exams over.n guess hos bday is comin up next tuesday??????SHERRY!!!so if u wanna buy her gifts,u can giv em to her on tuesday.today's is oscar's bday, as he asked sherry today in lot one(we saw him with his pals.....)where his bday present.da dan zi.i noe he was jus kiddin, but still sia..... wateva.happi happi.gettin our medal in kranji pri schl tomorrow, then next monday will get in dls.n u noe wat?the runnin heats is next tuesday! yeeeehaaaaaaaaaa.i cant wait.i cant wait.........................