Thursday, September 07, 2006

- sherry posted for cass;

i am so sad,
paul is out,
nd i`m crying.


-sherry for cass.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

realli,how do u feel when u lurve the ppl so much,but yet u cant click with them?im feelin this way rite now.

hey,dun get mi rong,sherri,livv,geraldine,jo,sonn,eddi,esther n the rest all r so damn freakin cool,but i just dun click with them.they r fun to b with,but most of the times i simplyy just dunno what they r talkin about.if it isnt maple its mostlii about their maple bfs.i realli realli cant understand wjat they r sayin.n i feel kinda out yeah...guess i wont b realli hangin out with them.but ill still wanna b their pal.:D hehs.u rock ppl.