Thursday, November 30, 2006

yoyoyoyo ppl, k here r sum updates
ok, i wont b around frm tomoro until monday(going thailand)
aniwae, second. i wish u ppl good luck 4 ur results, u noe the school ur going in. :)
n next
circle this birthday date in ur calendar
7th dec
haha rmbr to wish her a happi bday!
k la bye!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ok, im going to yishun town
lolly pop.
k la, bye

Saturday, November 25, 2006

yo ppl, so long havent post.damn it
ok, so ya i got my results.
wa, so nice.i was cryin on tat day,tears of joy, hohohohohohohoohoho.
ya, but in the end, i found out my score actuali sucked, cause im hangin in the end. (means im caught in between)
i alreadii chosed mom n i agreed. but than suddenlii her stupid frens go n say unity not good. i was lik NONONONONONONONONONO!
big battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so, ya. now my choice has to b lik this.
1)Crescent girls school
2)St magarets
3)UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i love the schl i love the schl)
ok, i noe manii ppl will think im retarded cause they think unity sucks. but why shoould i care???its MY MY MY MY MY MY MY next 4yrs. MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so ya, now i hav to pray i dun get in to th ****** crescent n st magarets(ok, not that the schl is bad, but I WANNA GO UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
my mom said if i dun put that choice above, she wont sign the damn ya. hohohohoho, merry christmas.

ps:i highllighted my hair. whee,sry i so proud.but my hightlight not verii obvious la

love ya ppl, bye ppl

Saturday, November 18, 2006

yesterday was such a fun day!
went to fren's house, play maple. whoo wee, pt with sam.haha.
than after tat went lunch than went church n than went to watch STEP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omigosh i love tat movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its lik ballet n breakdance combine together.WHOO WEE!
i recommend everybodii to watch STEP UP!
haha, k la. cya folks

ps:my mother told my appa to down load maple, so cool man.

Friday, November 17, 2006

today was a depressin day
last day of school
ya, but the fights ended,
but i dun tink ill b so close to her animore

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

lame man, today is the 2nd last day of school, N IM SICK. k, not realli, i wanted to go school, but my mama didnt let mi. hehs. lame. my wound is gettin better, but when i put the cream my whole leg is like totalli burnin.
spent the whole mornin readin "The Mark". its a realli cool book! whoo wee. lame.
later afternoon i still hafta drag myself to go with my moma to get the lame passport for the bangkok trip. wtf. leg so pain still must go!
k la, tats all. i love u ppl out there.WHOO WEE!

n this is to the fuckin lame la u, i wasnt even on comm yesterday.i sick u also dunno, hah, fucker!i was sleepin the day.loser.stop using ppls name n insulting other ppl u other words
GET OUT OF MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

just finished applying all the crappy medicine on my bleedin leg.
whee, it hurt.
haha, but course i didnt cry. lame :) my appa helped mi put n ya, its better now, but i still dunno how to bathe.
how i got this wound?
thanks to HAIKAL!
stupid whore!
go push mi while we were runnin. so humilating, now cannot run first alreadii lar.all thanks to haikal again. haha, wateva, but im not angrii. cause the attention i got was AWESOME!(haha, so how lian bo la lian!)ya, so lik after the race, i was being "carried" by geraldine.n n wow, jerome n esther can bcum doctors.they helped mi wash the wound lik HARD!n it was kinda pain.hehs, but it was ok. but i didnt need the xtra audience! haha, lame. aniwae, thanks to lynette my appa, geralbish jerome n esther lee, im able to walk again! whoo wee!
hars, k la. bye ppl


Monday, November 13, 2006

okay, amanda gav mi an inspiration to rite a poem 4 my frens
k here it goes

graduation is cumin
n im dreadin
to leave my frens
is worse than peein in ur pants
frm the basketball players
to the rugby players
frm 6helen
to my closest girl pals
frm my closest guy pals
to the p5s
ill mis u all
dun forget mi or ill punch ur ball
i hope ul succeed in life
lik the bees done makin their hive
just b yourselves
n ull gain manii pals
may god bless u frens
the gents
n females
ILL MISS UALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love cass
wheeeeeeeeeeeee! im kinda happi.
im verii HAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bcause finalli SONYA'S LOVE LIFE IS A SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1HEHS!
(sonya dun kill mi!) :) aniwae, im trulii happi tat one of my bestest frens has her beautiful love(not 4gettin my wonderful match makin skills no?HEE HEE!)
k la
tats all
love ya ppl out there whoo whee!!!!!!!!!!!1

cassandra found the true meanin of happiness today
n tats givin ppl happppiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

jeremy fong:yoyo man, i dindt noe until lik this yr?ok, last yr, but we werent tat close as buddies. aniwae, thanks 4 bein such a great gay partner to my peni........ jonas goh shao le.HAHA!n also thanks 4 bein such a greta small boy who always cheers mi up with ur funny stunts.HAHA!aniwae, stay cute n small!HEEHEE! bye n god bless
jonas goh:hey u idiot! thanks 4 bein my pp for lik this yr!WAHAHAHAHAHA! aniwae, rmbr when i pushed brandon pee pee of his seat durin p1 so i could sit near francesca, n instead ended up sittin with U!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehs, i will neva 4get tat cause uve been blamiin mi eva since.haha!aniwae hope u remain short n change ur damn pervetic ways u slut! jk jk! :) stay short bro. bye!
shawn we:hey slut! haha, jk jk, ill try not to b so rude...................................WHO AM I KIDDIN!wahahahahaha!k, here's my dedication to u. didnt even new u existed until p3. wahaha. hated u , n than now we're pals :) thanks 4 bein such a person who laughs lik an idiot n in the end makin mi laugh!i hate u 4 tat!JK JK! aniwae, stay "suai"with an extra " ".whahahaaha!dun 4get mi or ill punch u! bye n god bless
ern chuen:heys man! ive said it b4 n im sayin it agin, U CAN BCUM A PASTOR! HAHA!im serious. thanks 4 always tellin mi n explainin to mi the left behind books. u roc, hehs. keep preachin boy(n bcum lik tsion ben judah!) :) thanks 4 bein so weird n always makin mi laugh lik a mad woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how dare u!HAAHAHAHAHA!thanks so much my bro. k la, tats all, god bless u Tsion Ben Judah the 2nd!
nathan chiang:how dare u always make mi laugh my ass of? because of tat i had to replace my butt so mani times! HAHAHAHAHAHA!JK JK! but seriouslii u can bcum a comedian n bring torture to ppl's life(why i say torture is cause the poor ppl will hav a beautiful ache in their stomachs after hearin ur idiotic jokes!)no la, thanks 4 bein so funni n pervertic. do your sniffles one more time n ill make sure u get punched n fly all the way to china. :)HAHA! k la, stay funny u slut. bye
joel ang:heys whassup boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lame. aniwae, thanks 4 always doing the work 4 mi during sport leader activities or pe. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!aniwae, thansk too for always being so logical n smart. ur big brains neva ceased to amaze mi. n ur dumb laughter also makes mi hurl n laugh lik an idiot. haha. aniwae, stay idiotic. bye
brandon pee wee:ill just say it frankly, i love torturin u.HAHA!its true.thanks 4 bein suchan "adorable overgrown babii" :) ur chinese is awesome n i think u such(jk jk!) thanks 4 bein my sittin partner durin trips to whereva the school wants to bring us, n also durin exams.hope ull win the heart of U-NOE-HU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!k la, bye baby bro.
k la, tats about it, ill rite the others another day :) bye ppl
hohoho, im back n im bored to the core
luckilii tmrw no school
lame shit.
aniwae, im bored
k, time to finsh my dedications
yoyoyo ppl.
sighs, really sad 4 my bro.he's under so much stress cause of the freakin olevel. hope he'll b ok.
im enjoyin life now.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

FINALLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!1WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I GOT OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1IM SO HAPPI.
im single. :)
n lovin it.
i hav my confidence bac, thanks to SONYA DIONNE GOH!!!
i admit, i was jealous of was she whom i was talkin about.but i found out something.she was the one who told mi indirectlii it was CONFIDENCE tat was the best.not the looks, the personality,the voice,the talent.its the confidence n character.tats wat makes a perosn strong.but of course the confidence i want to hav is called "god-confidence" if i set all my confidence there,if i see all my talents n flaws through him, i would never eva feel alone.cause i noe his there.
jesus,my bestest fren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
n bsides, why must i feel so down cause im not as pretty as sonn?
i hav incredible frens,a home, n so mani things. why cant i b grateful 4 tat???
look at my frens.
sherry,livia,geraldine,sonn,esther lee,venus,siuyi,geraldine te,eunice,jerome,weicheng,annita,vengyan,jeremy,sam,dell N SO MANI MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehs, i love god, n im not afraid to say fact im proud of it. :)
i love my frens
i love my home
wat more could a girl possibly want.(ok, mayb a uh hum, but nah, i dun think the mr right is in front of mi yet.hees)
aniwae, i love u ppl out there.
a few months ago, if u had told mi, "sonn's ur good fren right?" i would hav laughed straight in ur face.
but now i noe she's actualli pretty cool(ms bitchy gd. :) )
n i want thank her 4 not gettin angrii n instead advisin mi.THANK U!

cassandra has found out who she is, n she;s happi.

Friday, November 10, 2006

i helped her today, n i was realli happi, im serious.she's after all one of my bestest frens, i noe hers will b a happi ending.
but still.
i hav this freaki jealousi inside.she's got the looks, the voice, the personality to attract anione.i noe, jealousi is lik one of my downfalls, n blieve mi, i wish i didnt feel this way. i feel so mean! she's my fren!how can b so so evil?????????????
i noe she will noe its her, n i wanna apologise, but i cant help it. im realli sorri.
sighs, wahts up with too emo.
haha..........aniwae, this is to her again, i noe urs wil b a realli great ending, im so happi 4 u, im not kiddin. :)love ya as a sis

she's still findin who she is,
i wonder wat kind of person she will turn out.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

whassup ppl. listenin to a song called "dark blue" or something.nice.suits my the breazy night too.hehs :)
aniwae, today was the entreupunership(dunno how 2 spell la) was quite a success,except tat we could hav made much more money if we could hav sold the pop stars bookmarks.blahs, some ppl said it was illegal, n we were lik ok, wateva. so we didnt sell it.the best part of the selling was when shawn nathan n santosh launched their businessman skills.they were AWESOME!especialli shawn.his "charm" must hav been a bonus.haha! incredible, they sold toys tat were serioulslii dumb!!!!!!!!!!!but they were realli good. HAHA! im serious.impressive. :)wahahahahahahaha.
k la, nothing much to rite today/
n sonn, im going to help u all the way.
my aggresiveness havent been unleashed yet!WAHAHAHAHA!
n i wont blieve it until im seriouslii out of ideas.heehee, :)
ok people, gotta go bye man!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

heys man, little down.was a little sickened to hear the news, but ya, allrite.i guess ill get over it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wa, i saw a realli cool quiz in venus' blog. i dunno whether im entitled to try it, but i couldnt resist it
C-ure wild n crazii(sorta)
A-damn good kisser(am i?whoo hoo!HAHA!jk jk!)
S-easy to fall in love with(thank u thank u even though its not true!)
S-easy to fall in love with(not true again)
A-damn good kisser(i hate reapeatin)
N-u r absolutely beautiful(frm the bottom of my butt)
D-u hav one of the best personalities ever(ya rite...RONG!)
R-sexy(thanks, i have jlo's ass...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!JK JK! :) )
A-damn good kisser(damn, i hate this,i havent even kiss la,wha lau)

M-success comes easily to u(I WANT!)

T-you're loyal to those u love(if ure my pal,u should noe the answer.)
A-damn good kisser(on 2nd thot,i hav kissed my bi gu b4...NOT!)
N-you r abosolutely beautiful(i wish)

L-u like to hav fun(tats true man)
I-u get hyper easily(duh, yes!)

E-u hav a nice ass(i alreadii said i had jlo's ass.HAHA!JK)
N-ure abosolutely beautiful(i said i wish!stop rubbin it in!)
ok, im done, all my frens try this hor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lalalala, im so happy. n i feel so weird at the same time. all my close frens will noe wat i mean, haha, aniwae, im still happi.
here's two of the neoprints mi sonn livv n esther lee took when we went to lot one today
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

yoyoyo! wa, so long havent post. was "grounded" mah!hehs, aniwae, i wanna dedicate this post to the p6 graduation camp.
i was lik excited as i reached school with sher, totalli embarrassed cause of my big bags.ya, i probablii looked lik i was going overseas.haha so lame.aniwae i was so damn excited, i just couldnt wait.
when reached inside the school, saw the instructors.wa, i thot, must hav a hunk 4 my instructor!(just kiddin) ok, blah blah blah, skip the excitin feelin n the assemblii blah blah blah.forward to the groups. i was lik way bummed cause i was in a group tat i didnt realli noe the ppl except tiffanny.(luckilli my group was next 2 haikal's group)ok, aniwae, etc etc, n our group had to noe who our instructor was.his name was fauzi, n i was lik oh no. cause one look at him n i thot he was some borin dun smile guy. but the minute he smiled n talked i knew i was rong.he was pretty cool, n i pretti much liked him(no dirty!).hehs, so we reached the campsite n they showed us where we would sleep jaw dropped.we had to sleep in a warehouse?a dirtii ware house?which would probablii b so hot at night!but course i didnt say anithing(i think!wahahaha!)after tat we went to the multi purpose hall n there we had to think up of cheers n make a flag in lik 30 minutes(i forgot)i was lik bored bcause my whole group couldnt think of anithing haha. but we survived.
next we went to the amazing race(amusing race)heh heh, it was fun to go around n cheat at some stops.heehee.told u my instructor was so cool.i loved especialli the luge ride, n the high thingy. wha lau, so fun lor.hehheh.but the best thing i liked was my whole group was warmin up to each other.n their were laughs everywhere we went cause we accepted each other for who we were. :) i loved evrii minute of the race. in the end the stupid rain spoilt the race, but i didnt care cause i was lik still happi.aniwae, the food was scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha!im serious. :) aniwae,blah blah forward to night time.
CANDLE WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) seriouslli fun man.we burst each other balloons.n it was lik wow. but everytime mi n one of mi team members got so near to the other group's balloons, our candle flame got blew out! wahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!:)we were perspiring by the time the whole game was over, but the whole thing still ruled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHOO HOO!:)haha.aniwae, time to brush teeth n go to sleep.i was seriouslii tired. but i was too esctatic to sleep. n so were the other girls. n we talked n talked n talked. but our conversation had to end due to the screams n shouts of instructor diana(applaud!)
but still i couldnt sleep(cause of the dumb safari bed),until about twelve n than i slowlii dozed off(thanks to the cool night air)
i was woken up the next moment because of sum irritating noises.guess wat the noises were?MONKEYS!(haikal told mi, the poor guys had to endure the running monkeys outside the warehouse where the guys were sleeping)wahahaha!(so eviL!):) and than again i was woken up by sum girls who were packing their bag. i was lik, wow, ok, it must b around six plus alreadii, better quicklii wake tiffany.n guess wat the actual time was? 3.20 am!AMAZING!heh heh. i was lik shocked.tiff too. hehs. so aniwae, i wen to the toilet with tiff. n we did nothing except to make our hair(cao vain man the both of us) n linger until lik 5 min latr, we went bac to the warehouse. we couldnt sleep n so i packed my bag while tiff held the light for mi(thanks tiff)haha, so we talked awhile n than we dozed off again.
2nd day came n i woke up with a start. manii girls were still lik sleeping lik a i woke up first, than shook tiff up. we grabbed our stuff tat we needed for the day n got readii to go out n brush our teeth, but we n sum other girls were stopped by instructor diana(again...roll eyes)she was lik shouting how we were onli allowed to go out of the damn room at 7am n how it was still six thirty etc etc etc etc etc(x100)so those who had alreadii woken up had to wait for thirty min b4 we could go brush out teeth. ok, fast forward.
WE WERE GOING TO SPEND THE WHOLE DAY THE BEACH!!!!!!!(palawan something)whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!! we walked there n diff groups had diff activities.all i noe was my group had to join with group 3 to perform something for the campfire tat night. it was boring. k, not realli, cause haikal(aka "handsome") was there. haha, n he was the leader, n he spiced the whole thing up!! :)haha!we had our cheer pat down so we relaxed. i looked around at everiboddi, some were in the water. haikal, faisal n farizul were playin "rugby" tiff was lookin at the sea, sum of the other girls too. fast forward, n ta da!we were playing captain's ball. onli this was diff. we had seven teams playin in one go. n we had diff balls to pass to our "captain" each with diff points. it was realli fun, until the last part. we had to pass a DEAD CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!onli the guys were happi to play with it. YUCKS N YUCKS!the head came out on the process, than the limbs!!!!!!!!!eee!!!!!!! saw the BLOOD!!!!!! haha, aniwae, didnt noe who won in the end.ok fast forward. water rafting. it didnt do wonders for mi, cause i was freakin exausted, n i kinda lost my damn temper at tiff(sorri) urgh, hate water rafting(why onli water rafting????)hehheh. FAST FORWARD.
CAMPFIRE(sniff sniff)
the night was cool. n i loved the breeze at the seaside. it was awesome.
we sang sum songs la de da than all the groups displayed their cheers or skit or wateva.I LOVED IT MAN!sum were realli funni.
ok wateva.
etc etc etc
n......the song tat meant to mi the most....
it goes like onli takes a saprk to get the fire going......
my gosh, i wanted to cry as we hugged or shaked or gave notes to the ppl who mattered to us, n carried a little candle. i was serious. i looked at all my frens, samsuri, haikal, faisal, sherry, livia, esther lee, sonn, geraldine tea leaf n geralbish(rubbish),siu yi, jolynn, venus,eunice, jerome, weicheng, n so mani more. when will i get to see them again?? i seriouslii needed an arm to lie on. no kiddin. i was so sad....wahaha. wait. sniff sniff. the dls teachers presented a power point of those memories...(drifting...) sighs...........(sadly) i loooked lik an idiot last time, (n i still do, hehs!) :)my frens looked so cute, n they reallli changed. the power point rocked. i loved it.i was so touched. (ee, is tat mi??????????) i wanted to hug all my fens(but of course, i didnt.still got reputation leh!)haha, i love u all. the night was awesome. i loved it.....sighsss......................
ok,fast forward.
after the awesome camp fire, we were on our last day of camp. sad.
it was not memorable, the last day onli, cause my group had to wash TOILETS.the girl's one. n just "wonderful" we found dirt, black algae, sanitory pads with blood!(somemore one stuck in the toilet, n haha, poor fauzi didnt noe wat to do), still hav shit, clumps of hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n etc. since than i hav a phobia for stenches n dirtii toilets. cool huh? until now, the image still wants to make mi puke.EEEEEEEEEEE.
k, n than........................................................time to leave................................................................i wanted to hug my six fav instructors!no.1 fauzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no.2 timothy no.3 jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no.4 veron no.5willie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no.6 reeny!
man, i seriousllii miss those instructors especialli fauzi, jeremy n willie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u all instructors out there. sniff sniff..
im still camp sick
the instructors i miss
the people i got to noe
(ill name somemore, but i forgot their names!)
the people i got closer to
the people who i will always love
esther lee
geraldine lim n te
siu yi
N TEN THOUSAND MILLION MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ill miss u guys.
love cass(im still camp sick)
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