Monday, February 13, 2006

YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA we won! we won pei hua! can go to the beautiful semi-final!!!hahahahaha!but the match was a verii bloody, verii fierce.u can ask geraldine if u want.i had a double foul in one go, n i was sooooooo freakin angri.the stupid pei hua coach thn said, "double foul ah?double foul ahr?"the refree answered yes n the coach laughed lik a stupid gay.i was so angrii tat i mimicked him.that freakiin coach.i felt burned up.but wateva.aniwae, we'll b goin to the semi cheer 4 us.nothin much 2 do nowadays, bcause all i do is work work work.blaugh.hey. i recommend EVERIBODII TO WATCH XIAO HAI BU BEN 2!(i not stupid too) it is damn freakin funni n touchin at the same time.i give it a ratin of five stars.the three famous phrases in the show which is goin around in singapore is "so lame" "so cool" n "whateva".haha.the funniest in the show is the grandmother n the small boy! haha! especialli the grandma.everiboddi.go watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n buy lots of popcorn n lots of drinks.especialli for the guys.the show is verii sad,so i noe guys find cryin embarrassing, so u can crunch ur popcorn lik siao n lik suck ur drink totalli hard frm refrainin frm cryin.but it aint gonna b easi.4 girls, just bring manii packets of tissues!u r soooo gonna bawl in the theatre!haha! tat's all! bye

Saturday, February 11, 2006

hey! im so bored. hai yo so scared.we playin against pei hua!!!!!!!!!!!!! mr chia say we cannot win, but if we win, we can go nationals! yeee haaaaa!so must pray 4 us!!!!!!!im so freakin bored.....i went to palau borin lor, jus hike hike hike.n u noe if u eva saw the stupid show 'ubin boy' on kids central, we saw the exact place where they filmed. but nothing impressive.the onli cool part was wen i saw all the dogs. they were pretti tat's it, nothing much lar.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This is mi new blog! i suck! haha! everibodii can post whateva shit they want.i dun giv a more passwrds or wateva lame stuff.this blog is free, ppl.