Monday, July 31, 2006

i almost puked today. thanks to my low confidence of gettin in to round 2 of sss. i realli felt unwell. n thanks to jolynn khoo, who told mi, "i almost vormitted, but than i swallowed my vormit bac" tat proved tooo much 4 mi, cause i just had to go to the wash room.

argh, i dun feel lik talkin about the sports school.

well, just wanted to say goodbye to my most fav mt teach. BYE MS TEO YING YING. im so gonna miss her. not that im a lesbo or anything, but shes awesome. even one of the guys in my class almost cried when she announced she was gonna leave soon.

its a saddenin news, cause although my current mt teacher is a person who i respect quite alot, i STILL WILL MISS ZHANG LAO SHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 we had pizza today for her, n the rest of the class. ya, n ya, i took some pics. oh ya, she plays maple, hehs, so if anyone wants to defame her, her username is "happymonkie" i tink. hehs!!!!!!!!!! haha jk.(psst shes onli lv 29!) hehs. ok, wont mock her. shes cool. i mean SHE PLAYS MAPLE! i dun even play it. hehs. n maple is like the hottest game. hehs. im so out. yuk yuk.

this is to liv. hey, i dunno wat i did. im makin an effort to change, but if im doin anythin rong, i want u to point it out to mi ok??

gotta go. BYE!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

ok, dudes, rite now im at my cuz's house, just ate finish. im like happi n not happi bcause like yesterday, yeah, i went to the sss (sounds like ass, ass, ass! hehs!) its an acronym 4 "singapore sports school" the buildin was like AWESOME! so freakin high tech, n the dormotries(aiya, their rooms. dunno how to spell dormo..domorOH SHIT!)ok, their rooms. their rooms were SO FREAKIN DAMN COOL!

ookk, so i like went with mi mom. then i met jo, esther, n gabriel along the way 4 the trials. we were given these number taggies. mine lik read 106. gabriel's was 119. i 4got wats jolyn' s n esther's one. stupid mi.ARGH. ok. hehs. so we were divided into lik 4 groups. n gabriel was in my group. jo n esther were together in the other group. i looked around at the ppl in my group n i tell u, i was AFRAID!!!!! n bsides that, i was realli cold. cause of the rain n the stupid air con. i was realli shivering, bcause of fear n coldness.ok, like i was sayin, i was afraid of the other ppl. i was even afraid of gabriel. cause him n the rest of the others were realli fast (ok, i didnt noe who was fast at first), but aniwae i was scared. i felt kind of disapointed at 1st when i wasnt with jo n esther n had to b stuck with gabriel. i didnt realli like him since lik p2, but i was surprised. he was kinda cool. we kind of talked, n yeah, he's quite awesome.

so, my group went to the "light gate" first. its like there's a light sensor at the beginning of the hall we had to run in n at the end too. we had to run as fast as we could once the coach said "GO" i was damn nervous. than i saw my mom. n she told mi to run as fast as i could. she supported mi. i felt relaxed suddenlii. we had to line up in one row, starting from the smallest no. to the biggest no. i was no. 6, but i didnt realli feel anything.oh wait, i felt............................well. blur. i couldnt stop thinkin:this is so awesome! im in the sss hallway!

hehs. so den one by one we all ran. it was my turn, so i just ran like a mad woman(which i am most of the times. hehs) i idndnt noe how fast i ran, but i just ran. den my turn was over. it was gabriel's turn soon, n he asked mi to see whether he ran fast, so i agreed. so i went in front when it was his turn. I TELL U, HE WAS FAST! ppl kind of looked at him when he ran. i guess everybodii was impressed. i was too. i noe gab runs fast, but i didnt noe that fast. so ya, i congratgulated him. he was lik" i tink i hurt my ankle" hehs. talk bout "humble" hehs.

next was hurdles. it was like metal poles were placed on cones, n we had to jump over them. there was one of the sss pupil (her name was lynette) demonstrated the hurdles. i was awe struck. she was so freakin fast!!!! i was realli verii shocked. n yet at the same time she was fast n graceful. n i tell u, jumping over lots of hurdles n doing it realli fast is verii verii difficult. i found that out, but not bfore i made frens with 2 gals in front of mi. they were pretty nice, but i guess, i didnt reali lik them. but ya, they were pretty nice. one was an ang mo lang n one was chinese. they asked mi realli politelii, " r u scared" i was like im ok. n they were lik im so scared. den i laughed, n told them 2 relax, cause they were runners in their own school! (they were wearin their "jersey" for the trials, tats how i new) they smiled, n i continued. i was like, scared wat, ur two the legs are like so long. which was realli damn true. anibodii could see they were runners, even without their jerseys. the ang mo lang laughed, n said, " my legs might b lonG but my hurdles suck. onli my runnin rox." i smiled. u could tell the ang mo lang was quite humble.den she told mi her fren was awesome( the chinese girl was who she was talkin about.) i just said ya, but i realli didnt believe, until the chinese girl's turn. i tell u, she ruled in hurdles.

suddenli, i felt butterflies in my stupid stomach. but my mother was there again n she again gave mi tips( oh ya, she was an athlete in her old days. a netballer n a runner, hehs! surprising eh?) i felt all relaxed again n when it was my turn, i did my best. i felt kind of a little bummed, cause, i didnt tink i was doin well.) den suddenli when i reached the end, the end, the coach, asked mi all kinds of ques. i felt mi heart dropped.i new i was done for. so i was like blabbin everything out to my mom, n she was lik SIAO! she told mi to think positive, n the woman might b asking all those dumb ques 4 a reason. i was like, okay.

ok, i hav to go home pretty soon, so gotta cut the stori a little short. so the next was standing broad jump n height n weight n this kind of walkin thing. so i was like okay. so did everything.

n next............................ the worst. the 800m! i was shocked! long distance????????????????????????????????????????????? i felt realli nervous. but i had to do it.... n in the end... came out as third last! hehs!

den.....(drum beat) the results!

i wanted to cry. cause of my stupid 800m!

but i made it! i was so happi, but den after that......... sum thing happened, n ya i was like sad. so ok, gotta go\. bye

Saturday, July 22, 2006

this post is about my fren

i wont expose her,

but do listen to her story.

she was a happi person when she was about since young to p2. then she went to p3. she thot she was boss, that SHE was the leader, but to her dismay, she wasnt. she 'was' at first, n she mistreated a girl, her fren. she thot th girl was irritating. she hated the girl and scorned her 4 being a fat pig. she used her time n time again, n finalli her punishment came.

cause she got overthrown from her "leadership" n that girl, her fren, the one she kept mistreatin, bcame the leader. but that fren of hers was pretti nice to her at first, but than her fren bacame ms popularity, n she bcame the outcast.

her fren suddenlli had so mani frens. n suddenli, to the outcast girl, her fren was a betrayer. her fren betrayed her time n time again startin frm p4. her fren kept sayin sorri n sorri to the outcast girl, but she neva meant it. the outcast girl was so pain in the heart, but foolishlii shekept 4givin n 4givin. finalli one day she couldnt take it fren( the outcast girl) blew up.that was in p5. she bcame a rebel, n a liar, an angrii person, r3adii to explode. she made her mother cry, she made her father bcome weak, she wanted to tell them the truth, th truth about why she changed, about her fren, about how she wanted to scream at her fren, about all her fren's false apologies, but she couldnt. cause she fell out with her parents, n their whole familii just somehow bcame cold, screams were heard every single day.

my fren hated all of this, but there was nothing, nothing she could do. she wondered time n time again, is this retribution on how i treated my fren durin p3? her shoulders slumped, n she surrendered to her feelins. she fell out with god. she fell out with her parents. she fell out with her onli brother. everiday, schl was a torture to her.cause she was forced to b nice to that fren of hers. just so she could b in, n not an outcast. n just so she wouldnt b on anibodii's hate list, cause that fren of hers was way popular, n if she dared say or rite anything bad about her fren, her fren's frens would attack her.

she felt miserable everyday, thoughts of suicide filled her tired mind. she wanted to scream at her fren: u dunno how lucky u are. stop sayin ppl use u. u think ur problems are so serious, but u dun even noe how pain ful my situiation is. u think ur parents suck sometimes, n quite manii times have i heard u complainin about ur mom, but u dun noe how luckii u r to hav even hav a familli. sure, i stay with them still, but u noe how everyday life is? n its all bcause of u! why do u treat mi like this. why? ive even fallen out with GOD! what more do u want. kill myself? i hate u! i hate u!!!!!! ive even thot of commiting suicide. u dunno! u dunno! i hate u! i realli do!

my fren wanted to reallli kill that girl... but there was simplii nothing she could do.

my fren tells mi she's going to die soon. mentalli.

jesus help her. b4 she realli kills herself.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

wtf. its saturday n im still sick. yeah, fever with the works. sighs. so crappi, hey, at least no need do work. yuk yuk. oooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy. i alreaddii sent in my sss form, im prayin itll get in n ill get a scholarship. hey, my parents aint rich n whose gonna pay 500 bucks a month for my scool fees if i get in sss without a stinkin scholorship.urgh. so stressful. got interview somemore! yucks. i hate talkin to ppl i dunoo. yeesh. okay.

next.this is to the "she" in eddi's blog. if u hurt her, i will make u pay. i will make ur FREAKIN life a torture.u better treat her well. u stupid fren of hers.realli. dun think im weak. i might b weak to u cause u are bigger size than mi, BUT i will break u mentalli. dun think im weak in that ok? u better start apologising to her n if u hurt her just one more freakin time, i will make u pay. dun u laugh bitch. i mean wat i say. i might loose all my frens in the process of making yu pay, but if u dAre hurt di again, u bloody son of a bitch, ill do wat I tink will make u crumble.

think carefulli, bitch.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

YO!hehs. havent post so freakin long time. YES! changed my blog to WANG LEE HOM! the pop king(to mi, that is. hees) wha lau. he thirty alreadii still so damn suai. haha. i love the skin man. yuk yuk.

oookkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy. im gonna post bout recent stuff.
1)[sing to the tune of mary had a little lamb] there's gonna b a big big fight. big big fight. big big fight. there's gonna b a big big fight, n i wont tell who!

nice song ehs? :) haha. lame shit. but i hav a hunch tat the two ppl will fight. im not gonna support anione. im not gonna get involved. [tongue stick out] hars. seriouslii, im sick of all the stupid fights. everytime one fight is over, the next one cums in. wo, so pro eh? hopefulli this two ppl WONT fight n prove my dunb hunch rong. close frens will noe who these two ppl r. dun fight, pls man. im so drained out. the battles hav not stopped since lik beginnin of e year [n the feelin is realli not mutual. translation: it sux] hahas. im so mentalli tired tat... my physical strength also all going to bao za~explode. realli. why ppl cannot stop fightin. fight fight fight, until i rite de shi hou, so saddistic. my blog verii emo since beginning of the year. wha lau. very..... EEYEAR!

2)yeaterday, esther's party was awesome. (excludin the little fights) hehs! first time see livi n sher wear so damn formal. haha! i wore so shabbi, but who cares man! i had fun. went to lot one n take pics, sum played the car games at the arcade, n WE JUST HAD FUN. the trip tp lot 1 had sum emotional stuff goin on, sum of us couldnt get along well, n poor girl, was stuck in the middle. (u noe who la, when i say poor girl.) i felt verii sorry for her, shes always...constantly gettin bullied n well, basicalli stuck in the middle. she was emotionalli n physicalli drained yesterday, n i realli felt sorri. i tried my best not 2 get angry at sum of them, n i hoped i did well. hehs. tat poor girl was so pained. yeesh. felt kind of helpless. not mi onli. shes a realli nice person, n i hope, she will b happier. okkkkkkaaay. gettin emo. but thats my thots. bac to the party. noe wat makes this party cool? THERE WAS NO BDAY CAKE! haha! i dun mean it in a bad way. its totalli cool! realli. :) ure so busy havin fun that u dun need the cake. totalli special! :Dhahas tats all!

ps:TAG MI!.....................NOW!yuk yuk.