Saturday, August 26, 2006


about what??

about valuing wat u hav rite my chinese paper n english paper.n when i read the passage,i felt a pang,bcause i had so manii opportunities to appriciate a person,but i didnt treasure it.

there was once,i just moved to p3,n the onli person there who was frenli to mi on tthe 1st day was livia.i felt pleased as i had no one to talk to which infuriated mi.she was always there 4 mi in the first few weeks,n soon, i started to get annoyed.what was up with her with her stupid constant buggin??instead of seeing myself blessed with such a great fren,i hurt her,i used her, n i dumped her 4 another fren.i thot i was so popular,but i was rong.verii soon,she had a best fren,sher.i felt angrii,n used.but wait,had i treasured her frenship in the beginning?

next,esther lee.she was cool,funky,n she was nice.last yr,we were close buds.n instead, did i appreciate her???no.i dumped her once again.n another frenship was verii 'great' of mi.i tried to restore this frensghip once i realised my stupid mistake,but we could neva b close sisters again.

there were so manii incidents that i hurt so manii ppl,n latr regret n try to hook them up again,but no,its too rite now,im gonna try to value every single one of my frens.but first,a few apologies.

wei cheng:i still dun realli lik u,after all u do hav faults,but i also hav a rong.n thats insulting sorri.hope ull still b my fren,n b the verii nice guy i once knew.sorri again

jolyn:u might not noe it,but i still hate u.but im trying to lik u,cause i noe how it feels to b hated by sorri,n i hope there will b no hatred btween us.:)

eddi:heys,im going to say sry to u cause i interfered with ur relationship.i noe u thot i was a gd pal in doing that,but no.i was doing u more sorri n i hope u n wei cheng will b frens again.lik they say,its better to hav more frens than enemies.

ms chang:ure such an sorri.ill try to changehehs!:D

hopin everibodii will 4giv mi.:D

Friday, August 18, 2006

i looked at eddi's post, n well, lets just say i was wowed at it.

u could realli feel the heat.

n well, im just going to say

wei cheng-if u eva lay a hand on ANY of my frens especialli eddi, keep in mind u wont hav a future.dun think i cant do it.not physicalli, but in other ways. i promise ill ruin it 4 u.n dun think just bcause u believe jolynn's wrds, everything is the truth.u r so stupid.u used to b a verii nice guy,but what happened?u changed, u emo freak.why change?to impress a certain person.all i can say, ure not gonna go far.sucker.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006




how can you do that to me??

how can you do that to eddii?

why must you do this?

you got your own bf,why are you still not happy?he is everything a girl wants!loyal,faithful,honest...

and yet you still wnt to break other people up.don't deny it jo,all your lies will be exposed.i am not gonna write bad stuff about you,but i just have to say that i am disappointed in you.i gave you a chance to tell the truth,i asked you to apologise to eddii,and to tell her everything you did,but you remain just as stubborn.

i just have to say,that if you don't make things right,you are gonna lose everybody as your might protest and say you still have other friends,but i tell you the truth,when hard times come,some will run away and just leave you standing there because you dragged them down once but they were still there for you,they dont wanna be dragged down again.i will still be your pal.but the trust i had in you,is all GONE.

everybody that trusted you dont trust you is your choice,whether to do right or wrong,you know in your heart whether you're lying or not,so i'm gonna leave you to choose,and i hope you kow what you do is right or wrong.and i leave it to you to confess everything.if you want to do it or not,i wont care.but i will tell you smth,everyone will still be angry at's your choice jo..yours and yours alone.

Friday, August 11, 2006

yo yo yo whassup! enjoyin life now! woo hoo! bye!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


i didnt make it into sss.


sighs, the feeling is realli saddenin, espciali since i had such high hopes.

n then

they all got crushed.

they did ask mi to go to a schl that has gd track n field, n they told mi they wanted mi back next yr.but seriouslii wats the point. wat if i alreadii made awesome frens in the schl that i now want to go, n then i go to sss, ill hav to leave my frens behind n make new frens ALL OVER AGAIN! ARGH!!!!!! i dunno wat to do now.but i noe god has a reason. it will take mi quite a long time to recover, but ill make it, i guess.

yeah. ill try.n also mayb the reason god dosent want mi to go to sss 1st is bcause i still hav to cure my temper, n pride.okays. tats wat i need to change. yup. ill do my verii best.

soooooo........... now im aimin for cedar girls schl. hopefuli i can get in. im gonna pray.